About Your Delaware Car Audio Experts

Founded in 1992, Sound FX has provided the Delaware and the Eastern Shore area with years of courteous and professional products and services. We take pride in our ability to design and install great sounding and easy to use systems for our clients.

Sound FX has a long list of awards and recognition. Some of our favorites are having been voted “Best of Delaware” by the readers of Delaware Today Magazine and 2014 Retailer of The Year for the entire U.S.A. by Mobile Electronics Magazine.

Our success has been from forming great relationships with our clients.

Call us today to arrange a meeting about your car/truck/motorcycle and/or boat. We assure you that we are knowledgeable, low-key, and fun to talk to.






A Letter From Our Visionary

Reflecting back on my twenty-plus years in this community, I close my eyes and take a deep breath. I pause and exhale, all the while smiling.

Simply, Sound FX is blessed to have to have over forty great assets, our employees.

My co-workers bring a Vince Lombardi quote to mind:

“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”

The Sound FX team has many wonderful things to share: opening our 2nd retail location in Bridgeville, DE, the launch of our new website, exciting new technology in both the automotive and home space, and our ever-evolving showroom transformations. These new changes reflect our desire to better serve our clients. Our passion aims to make your life a little easier, and a whole lot more fun.

From our grass-roots clients that started this wild-and-crazy adventure in 1992 to each new individual we meet on a daily basis, the Sound FX team Thanks YOU!

If you have not called or visited us in a while, we invite you to. If we have not yet had a chance to meet, we look forward to welcoming you into our Sound FX family.

Make today great!

Brian Layton, Co-Owner

Why We're Different










Our Team

Aaron Crooks

12-Volt Installation Specialist

Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, Aaron has resided on the Eastern Shore for 15 years. He has been honing his skills over the course of his four years in the industry by obtaining his MACP Certification and graduating from the Installer Institute in Florida.

He is always impressed with seeing the finished product, but he really enjoys the process behind the scenes.

Aaron likes to work on custom audio projects, hang out with car enthusiasts, and play video games. There’s no telling what the future holds, but Aaron hopes the future brings building a 60’s Nissan Fairlady Datsun.

Adam Lewis

Road Warrior

Adam is the Sound FX on-the-road technician, and has 20+ years of industry experience. Adam was named one of the Top 12 Installers and one of the Top 5 Most Trusted Techs in North America in 2018.

Every day Adam travels and performs services on site at clients homes and businesses in any element mother nature delivers. When Adam, “The Road Warrior,” arrives he greets clients with his big red beard and friendly personality. Adam looks forward to his ever changing office landscape and meeting new people. His favorite thing to install is remote starts. He has installed thousands of remote starts during his career so he has a firm understanding of how to install them and how they're supposed to work. Clients always sing Adam’s praises, and speaking of singing, Adam has a pretty good singing voice too.

At his homestead, Adam and his family have two dogs, one cat, six chickens, several fish, two crabs, and a partridge in a pear tree. In his spare time, Adam enjoys playing with his son, riding 4-wheelers, shooting guns at the range, taking his wife’s Jeep out on the beach, chopping firewood, wrestling bears, and miscellaneous lumberjack activities. Who knew all of that could be happen in DelMarVa?

Andy Tavolario

Certified Business Leader

Andy’s like a boomerang. He has lived in Delaware almost all his life except for a short stint when he moved to the city. He quickly decided the city life was not for him and returned to Delaware. Likewise, Andy’s six year tenure at Sound FX had a short break, in which he exited briefly and returned.

As an installer, Andy enjoyed being creative with alarms and automation. Now, as a motivator of staff, he focuses on sales techniques and business development. If Andy tells you to Go Fish, he isn’t playing card games. He is referencing the Fish Philosophy, which promotes individuals being alert and active in the workplace. Andy's passion is trying to help people realize their fullest potential, which is why he also encourages learning how to ``Choose Your Attitude,” and suggests it has been impactful in his own life.

Andy gets down with DIY projects, and some of his work can be seen in the Sound FX showroom. It’s no surprise that Andy also likes Legos given his building skills.

Long term, Andy looks forward to retiring to the San Francisco Bay Area where he can support the 49’ers. However, given his boomerang past, if Andy leaves chances are he will return to good ole' Delaware.

Brian Layton


Brian’s passion for Rock N’ Roll music was instilled at an early age. Brian’s father, Bruce, is an avid drummer, focusing heavily on music from the 70’s. Great music selection, accurate sound reproduction, and a passion for automobiles morphed into his Mobile Electronics career. While earning an Accounting Degree from Salisbury University, his industry experience dates back to late 1998. Brian’s greatest accomplishment came in the form of the ultimate team award in August 2014; Sound FX was named the nation’s Mobile Electronics Retailer of the Year. Brian is thankful for the many friendships along the way, from clients and employees alike. Brian is married to his beautiful high school sweetheart, Lisa. Together, they enjoy spending time with their yellow lab, Steiner, and rooting for the Washington Redskins. Hail!

Bryson Dewalt

Off-Road Sales

Bryson is our local renaissance man, and does not shy away from adventure or a challenge. Bryson served in the U.S. Air Force for nine years until he retired in 2014. He is a sponsored competitive archery shooter and has raced quads in New Mexico.

Bryson relocated from Pennsylvania to Delaware in 2011, and now he serves the clients of Sound FX to help them achieve their off-road wish list. Since he started driving, Bryson has had an interest in lift kits and vehicle upgrades, and he enjoys working on his 2016 Silverado. Bryson always hits the target when it comes to achieving his goals. He has been rocking his sales at Sound FX month after month.

At home, Bryson enjoys spending time with his fiancé, son, and their two dogs. He takes note from his father by trying to be a modest man willing to teach and give life lessons needed to succeed.

Darrin Payne

Off-Road/Accessory Installation Specialist

If Darrin had to pick one word to describe him, it would be “Jeep.” This guy lives
the ultimate Jeep life. Not only does he work on Jeeps as part of his career, he also spends his free time wheeling Jeeps, building Jeeps, and hanging with Jeep people.

Darrin enjoys off-roading and helping others experience the joy of off-roading. Anyone wheeling with Darrin is fortunate as he brings with him 20+ years of building and fabricating experience. This experience would certainly come in handy if something goes awry while wheeling. It’s no surprise that one of Darrin’s dream trips is to wheel Moab. Hope his family is up for that bumpy ride!

Dawn Garrette


Dawn is her name and numbers and balancing books is her game. With her Accounting I and Counting II Certificates, Dawn has kept the Sound FX books balanced for 10+ years! Along the way, she has also picked up some knowledge of the industry.

Dawn is originally from Baltimore, MD, but has called Delaware home for 15 years. Outside of Sound FX, Dawn balances her time between her husband, two children, six grandchildren, and her cat, Lucy. Dawn enjoys a good NASCAR race and adventurous camping trips. One trip she plans to take is to “The Big Island” in Hawaii.

Dave Ellers

12-Volt Installation Specialist

Dave’s closest friends call him “Pooh Bear,” and he is the longest running employee at Sound FX with 19 years under his belt. Dave is First Class MECP and has a HVAC degree. How has Dave been successful for 19+ years with Sound FX? Dave states he is grateful to work with such a good crew each day, and he just tries to do the best he can and have fun while doing it.

He looks forward to working on new and different vehicles, and trying new products. Always up for a challenge, he likes to find solutions when others say something cannot be done.

Dave likes to spend time with his two kids, watch movies, play tennis, and drive go-carts. He would love to go from driving go-carts around the track to driving an F1 car around the track. The Sound FX crew will be there to greet him at the finish line when he crosses it.

Demetrius Wright

Window Film Technician

Demetrius is the Sound FX magician. Clients just can’t believe their eyes when they see their vehicles after Demetrius completes his window tint and interior leather applications. Clients are always shocked and impressed at the difference.

Demetrius isn’t all tricks though. He is an Air Force Veteran, holds a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Maintenance, and has completed schooling for Window Tint Application and Paint Protection Methods. Demetrius's 25+ years of experience and specialized education ensure that when a vehicle is always in good hands when left with him!

Dylan Burk

12-Volt Installation Speciliast

Dylan is our newest 12-Volt Technician. Dylan is very excited about his future with Sound FX.

Dylan started his path in aftermarket automotive technology over 11 years ago. Dylan spent some time in the dealership network prior to joining the winning team at Sound FX. Dylan decided to join Sound FX to follow his love of fulfilling clients' expectations.

In Dylan’s free time, he likes to spend time with his fiancé, two children, and two dogs. Dylan enjoys working on motorcycles, mostly Harley Davidsons, when he has the time.

Heather Kauffman

Service Manager

Heather was recently named “Employee of the Month” in November 2017 as well as “Employee of the Year” in 2018. Her 15+ years of industry experience has played a big part in her success at Sound FX. She is also driven by her eagerness to help clients make their visions come to fruition.

This “small fry” is not just talk. She flexes her auto skills while working on her own vehicle and she credits her brother for teaching her everything she knows about automobiles.

When Heather is not working, she enjoys time with her fiancé, daughter,
step son, two dogs, and two cats. Heather and her crew enjoy the beach and camping. She also volunteers with her daughter’s Girl Scout Troop throughout the year.

Jason Buchanan


Jason, aka “Chopper” or “Buck,” has been in the retail business for 9 years. He is a pro when it comes to knowing how to treat customers. He truly enjoys helping people and functioning as part of a team. Jason credits his parents and his high school football coaches for instilling accountability, dependability, goals, and leadership, all of which play a part in his daily life.

Team mentality stems from Jason’s several years of involvement with football. He was lucky to have been part of five Maryland High School Football State Championship teams with Damascus High School as both a player and a coach/scout.

He’s not all sport. Jason has an IT background as well. He has worked on NIH websites like the former Office of Rare Diseases (now GARD), AIDSinfo, and assisted with one of the redesigns for the NIMH web site. He is currently learning up-to-date programming languages, and how to create models using a 3D software application to print with a 3D Printer.

Jessica Eadie

Service Advisor

Jessica is one of the smiling faces that greets customers upon entering the Sound FX store. She is also one of the voices you hear when you call. She happily guides customers through their service experience from beginning to end, and her favorite part is seeing the customer’s face light up with excitement when the project is completed.

Jessica is originally from New Jersey and has been a Delaware resident for 16 years. When not at Sound FX, this Jersey girl enjoys working on her fitness at the gym, shopping, and spending time with her family and friends. One of the items on her bucket list she aspires to complete is traveling across the pond with visits to Italy, Greece, and Ireland. If anyone has any tips for any of these destinations feel free to share them with her.

Justin Smith

12-Volt Sales Director

His wife and golden retriever agree that Justin will light up your life...Literally! He has a history of creating Christmas light displays, of over 100,000 LED lights, at his home, formerly in Lebanon, PA. As a new resident to Delaware, Justin has a fresh lighting canvas to tackle. Surely, his electrical engineering background comes in handy string-ing all those lights together.

In addition to creating illuminating brilliance at home, Justin also lights up the Sound FX showroom daily with his 20+ years of knowledge and 12-volt experience. He prides himself on sharing solutions with customers to enhance their driving adventures. Plus, you know you have to trust a guy that has NEVER had a speeding ticket, right?

Justin’s continued success is due to his ongoing personal development and belief that improving yourself is the key to continued growth and knowledge.

When you visit the Sound FX showroom just give a holler for “Smitty” or “Peaches`` and Justin will be happy to help you. Want to know the story behind ``Peaches?`` You'll have to ask him yourself.

Matt Schaeffer

12-Volt Installation Specialist

Matt has been driven to excel from an early age. He tributes his grandfather as being his life mentor. Matt’s grandfather taught him to be a man that provides for his family, the importance of working hard every day, and living each day better then the previous day. It is evident that Matt took note of these lessons. He graduated high school early, and at the young age of 20 he purchased a home, tied the knot, and had his first daughter. Wow, what a trifecta!

Matt was the 2016 Mobile Electronics Installer of the Year, 2015 Mobile Electronics Installer of the Year Runner-Up, and one of the Top 50 Mobile Electronics Installers in 2014, 2015, and 2016. He is continually building his skills, and he currently is MECP Master Certified and ASE Certified. He is also trained in Hunter Road Force Balancing and Section 609 CCA Refrigerant Recycle & Recovery. He graduated from Universal Technical Institute on the Director’s List with a 4.0 GPA.

He loves tuning cars and views each project as a big puzzle. Each project comes with obstacles to overcome for sound staging to be perfect within the vehicle. Matt truly feels fulfilled when he sees a client hear music like they have never experienced before.

Matt along with his wife, two daughters, and their pint-sized Yorkie are enjoying the “Beach Life” as residents of Lewes, DE. When he isn’t creating sound and visual masterpieces, he enjoys spending time with his family, golfing, and attending concerts. He has an eye for detail when working on projects, and also has an eye behind the camera as well. Matt’s photography of his projects becomes an art of its own.

He may be all business when he is focused on a project, but he can be found being silly at times too. Matt finds ways to insert levity into his surroundings. It may come in the form of a video, a photo, or a social media comment, and when it happens it brings smiles to many.

Michael Steve

Off-Road/Accessory Installation Specialist

Pick a name any name…John, Mike, or Steve. Just shout any of these and most likely he will respond since his full name is, John Michael Steve.

Mike is ASE Certified, and plans to expand his knowledge in the 12-volt side of the industry.

He moved from Pennsylvania and now calls Delaware home. Mike is engaged to be married and is father to a son and a daughter. His family stays entertained while caring for their dog, cat, rabbit, and fish. In his free time, he enjoys drag racing, playing Xbox, and ice hockey.

Paul Kauffman

12-Volt Installation Specialist

With 13+ years at Sound FX and 20+ years of industry experience, Paul has done it all. With all the upgrades he has performed, fabrication and installing remote starts rank at the top of his list of things he likes to work on most. Paul values being empowered with freedom and free thinking as part of his daily job.

When Paul is away from work, he truly enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter, and their two fur babies.

Rob Killeen

Off-Road/Accessory Installation Specialist

Rob has been in the industry for 15+ years, and five of those years have been with Sound FX. Rob is ASE Certified. He enjoys the challenge of installing new products, especially vehicles that he has never worked on before.

He is happily married to his wife, and they are parents to, Jack, their German Shepherd Husky. Jack provides entertainment with his antics, which are often shared on social media.

Rob enjoys car shows and truck pulls and has a lifted truck of his own. Even though he likes ``owning the road with his big rambling truck``, he one day wants to own his dream car, a Dodge Challenger SRT.

Russell Goehringer

Off-Road/Accessory Installation Specialist

Russell is as steady as they come, and he has been in the auto industry all of his life. He enjoys working on anything automotive and always likes to stay busy.

When home, Russell hangs with his two kids and his 20 fish. Wonder what he thinks when he is watching his fish? One fish. Two fish. Black fish. Blue fish. He also enjoys playing PlayStation in his free time.

Russell has the need, the need for speed. He would love to one day be able to drive for NASCAR and also go skydiving.

Scott Thomas

12-Volt Sales

Scott, born and raised in Seaford DE, is a 10+ year industry veteran. He serves as our Senior Sales Representative on our growing 12-Volt team. Scott has a high standard when it comes to customer satisfaction, as he has received 200 + 5-Star Google Reviews. Scott always put the customer first and is very passionate about making their dreams become a reality.

Scott also has a second job that he is truly passionate about, being a DAD to his 4-year old daughter Piper. Whether watching a tee-ball game, going to the beach, or shopping for toys, he wouldn’t trade spending time with his daughter for the world. Scott is also happily married to his beautiful wife Courtney. They have been married for 5 years! She’s the backbone of their family.

Working in an industry that is constantly changing and evolving, Scott looks at each day as an adventure. He learns something new everyday and is excited to see what comes through the door next. Some people know Scott as just Scott, but most know him as #TheKingOfCarAudio!

Stephen Coonelly

12-Volt Sales

Stephen boasts 6 years of industry experience and enjoys working hands-on with all aspects of automobiles including stereo systems and modifications. He maintains his personal vehicle as well. Stephen credits the techs as part of his inspiration. He likes that the techs challenge him on a daily basis and keep him informed about the best products to use for projects.

Stephen’s girlfriend and two daughters are the three leading ladies in his life and they keep him busy every day. He looks forward to spending time with them, and even though he has to put in his share of girly time, he does enjoy squeezing in watching a good football game.

Stephen Loeffler

Window Film Technician

Residing in Milford, DE, Stephen is a graduate of Lake Forest High School in Felton, DE, class of 2007. He earned his bachelors degree at Frostburg State University in 2011. His hobbies include skateboarding, going to the beach, and spending time with my family. Stephen has two children, 3 year old Mia and 2 month old Stephen II (SJ), with my fiancé Jazzmen.

Stephen has worked in the window film industry for almost 11 years, professionally installing for over 7 years. He has received installation training certification from Eastman Chemical Comapny, also known as LLumar Window Film, and also received accreditation from the International Window Film Association (IWFA) as an automotive and solar control window film specialist.

Stephen has extensive installation experience in automotive, architectural, decorative, and safety/security film products. He takes pride in the finished product and strives to satisfy each and every customer. Quality over quantity always defines Stephen's workmanship.

Travis Hovatter

12-Volt Sales

Travis is new to the industry, and he is the young buck of the Sound FX sales team. Although he prefers working on diesel trucks, he is knowledgeable in all areas and is able to help clients with anything to enhance their vehicle or boat. Travis is eager to learn as much as he can and help clients fulfill their vehicle modification wish list.

Playing soccer all of his life, Travis has some fancy footwork. He can be seen shufflin’ across the Sound FX complex as he hustles on the showroom floor. Those quick steps come in handy as a father to a young child and for playing with his poodle, Buddy.