Chances are your speakers look like this…

…When they should look like this!


Your car is your baby. You love everything about it, from the way it lets you zip in and out of lanes to how the seat fits you just perfectly. The only thing is, you wish the sound system was a little better. But changing the radio looks like a nightmare. Maybe it’s not the traditional rectangle shape you’ve seen inother cars or at your local car stereo store, or it’s got controls for the air conditioning built in (how are you going to beat the heat when you can’t run the A/C?) Or if you’ve leased your car, you want to give it back the same way you got it, and removing the radio is not an option. So, other than carrying a boom box in the back seat, what’s a solution to achieve better sound?

Speakers are the most vulnerable parts of any sound system. They are located in areas that are exposed to the sun and the elements, such as the doors or the rear deck, and they are constantly moving when you play the radio. Depending on how old your car is, all of this wear and tear may have diminished the capability of your factory speakers.

Sound FX will first take a look at them to see if the surfaces are punctured,  torn, or if there is damage from water or rust. If so, we will recommend replacement as the first step in improving your sound. If your factory speakers are okay but the sound isn’t what you want it to be, Sound FX will show you better quality speakers that are made to directly replace your factory speakers and work off of the radio’s power.

  • Music Sounds Crisper And More Dynamic With New Speakers.

  • Speaker Replacement Is The Single Most Cost Effective Upgrade You Can Perform.

  • Aftermarket Speakers Are Constructed From Higher Quality Materials Vs. Factory Speakers.

  • Factory Speakers Use Foam & Paper Surrounds Which Deteriorates Over Time.


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